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I have always been a fan of Suzuki. I am only 71 years young, so I still want a car that is edgy, unique, and has all the latest technology that helps make my life easier. And my gorgeous new S-Presso is the perfect fit!

Before getting my S-Presso, I drove a Suzuki Celerio. This is also a fabulous car and I loved it, but I got to a point where I needed a car with GPS navigation. I started calling around to find out about having GPS installed, what it would cost, and getting information about the different models. But it just sounded like a complicated and expensive exercise.

I decided to call Gavin Scheepers at Suzuki George. He listened to my story and said “Mrs Ihloff, I think I have the answer! I will see you tomorrow morning!”

The next day he arrived at my house with a brand new orange Suzuki S-Presso manual. Gavin pointed out all the features, including the GPS, reverse camera and sound system. I took it for a test drive, and it was love at first sight.

The S-Presso is perfect for me. It has a high seating position and more than enough packing space, but still feels compact and looks stunning! I think it’s the most beautiful car I’ve ever owned. After the test drive I told Gavin that I had to have one, but I wanted it in red and with an automatic gearbox. He said it was no problem and would order one for immediately.

And then COVID-19 happened! I was so excited about my new car, but the wait seemed to go on forever. The same day the dealership reopened in May, Gavin called to tell me it had arrived.  The very next morning the dealership delivered my beautiful red S-Presso to my house.

That was 15 May, and I am so happy with my little funky red car. Her name is ‘Roodje’. That is Dutch for little Red, which is what my father and brother used to call me because of my red hair.

Roodje and I are a match made in heaven! She is light on petrol and I am now at 16.7km per litre! She is sturdy and drives like a dream. A friend of mine heard about my new car and wanted to see it. I took her for a test drive and a few days later she also bought one from Gavin! Isn’t that wonderful? I think that perfectly sums up the impressive nature of the Suzuki S-Presso, as well as the incredible customer service. I am just delighted with my little Roodje.