Buying a car

When considering taking the family car tally from one to two, you will need to think about a few important factors. Whether you’re in need of a second car because the toll of having one car is taking on your family, life, and your pocket is greater than you can bear. Whatever it is, this post is meant to help you make that ever so important decision.


“Why do you need it?” Well, the answer to that is if you’ve been able to go to work, take the kids to school, pick them up, take them to soccer or cricket, and still have time to make it home for supper, or go out for the odd date with your partner, comfortably – then it looks like you’ve got one-car living down to an art. So, technically, you might not need another car.

So, if you’ve answered, “Yes I need it”, then you’re ready for the next consideration.


If you’ve decided that you really need, or want, that second car then you will need to ask yourself which car you should get. This is when it’s important to ask yourself what you want your car to do or who you will need to pack into your car on a daily basis.

If your family is on the larger side, or you just have tons of baggage to cart around you may consider the additional space offered by the  Suzuki Ertiga. With its long wheelbase, high headroom, ample legroom, and careful positioning of seats, the  Suzuki Ertiga  offers loads of space for everyone and their stuff, making it a great second car alternative for a growing family.

Looking for a compact family SUV to haul the kids and their sports kits and school bags around,  but you still want to be able to pack the family in the car and head off on an adventure, well the Suzuki Vitara may just be right for you.

If you’re looking for something reasonably priced with a little edge, then the Suzuki S-Presso could be perfect for you. Launched on the 18th of March 2020, the S-Presso is Suzuki’s take on a crossover. This mini-SUV is powered by a one litre engine, which makes it very, very, economical, and despite its size, it has ample room in the back for passengers, so if you need it to transport your small family, you’re good. If these options help you figure out what you need your second car for, then you’re ready for the last question.

But, if you don’t need a second car to transport a big family, and just need something reliable to help you keep up with your daily parental duties, then the  Suzuki Baleno or the   Suzuki Swift  could be just what you’re looking for. Both are perfectly priced, stylish, fuel efficient, and easy to maintain.


We previously wrote about the  hidden costs of buying a car – new or second hand. When looking at buying your second car, these are the very same things you need to consider, because they will now apply to you, twice – for both cars. So, you’ll need to look at how you can   bundle your car insurance premiums.  If you already have your home and car on the same insurance policy, the second car, depending on your insurance provider, can be insured at a discounted rate – but it’s still an extra cost.

On the topic of insurance, Suzuki’s S-Presso comes with a year’s worth of insurance included in the car’s purchase price, which will go very far if buying your second car is going to be a stretch for your finances. Watching out for hidden costs will also  apply to your car services, full tanks of petrol that come with petrol price hikes, as well as new sets of tyres now and then.

If deciding to buy a second car doesn’t affect your income, and your way of life can continue as is – or in this instance, your way of life can be improved, then all we can say is “Congratulations” on your soon-to-be second car purchase.

For most of us, buying that second car will affect our income, because buying a car certainly is a financial commitment where you choose to pay off this purchase over 36 to 72 months.

Please take the time to consider the questions we asked and the articles we’ve linked to, several times over, to ensure that you don’t regret your second car purchase – but in fact, you appreciate the relief it brings. Ultimately, looking at the cost, the safety, and the time and freedom a second car can offer you and your family is key, it’s these considerations that will make the purchase of the car feel right, even when times feel a bit tight.