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Suzuki Helderberg is located at 242 Main Road, Strand, in the Western Cape and has been a part of the Trust Auto Group (Pty) Ltd, since the 1st of February 2011. As a Motor Dealer with a strong Japanese shareholder, the Trust Auto Group owns a number of dealerships in Gauteng, and is in the process of expanding its business in the Western Cape. Suzuki Helderberg is the second dealership within the motor group – in the western region. However plans to open another dealership is already in its final phase.

Our Dealer Principal, Graeme Watson, and his team invite current and prospective Suzuki owners are invited to come and view the latest new Suzuki motor vehicles and also our pre-owned selection. Our workshop offers exceptional service and uses only Suzuki approved parts. We also offer in house finance with a dedicated Finance & Insurance Manager.

About Suzuki

  • Suzuki comes from pretty humble beginnings and now has over 100 years of heritage behind its name. Michio Suzuki, then a producer of looms (a device used for weaving textiles) pursued his passion for cars and bikes and founded the company in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1909.

    During the post WWII period, Suzuki’s motorized bike – the Power Free – earned a reputation for quality and reliability. Hot on its tracks was the 125 cc Colleda motorcycle and the pioneering Suzulight lightweight car that stimulated Japan’s automotive revolution. Michio Suzuki’s focus was simply on reliable, affordable methods of transportation.

    Each of these vehicles was a significant development, as they were engineered by optimising the most advanced technologies of the period. So since 1955, Suzuki Motor Corporation has grown immensely and today their products are available in 192 countries worldwide.


    Suzuki Auto South Africa is committed to building on the legacy of Michio Suzuki by offering technologically advanced and reliable vehicles. We are proud to celebrate over 100 years of innovation, good value and a fantastic “WAY OF LIFE”.

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If you’re interested in knowing more about Suzuki’s business philosophies, feel free to visit www.globalsuzuki.com.